Definitions for "Effective Dose"
(previously "Effective Dose Equivalent") The International Commission for Radiological Protection's term (starting with ICRP Publication 60) for the sum of the products of (1) the weighting factors applicable to each body organ or tissue that is irradiated and (2) the mean equivalent dose in the tissue or organ.
Risk-related quantity used as indicator of overall patient dose. It is defined by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) in Publication 60 (1991) as the sum of the weighted absorbed doses in all tissues and organs of the body:(mSv) where DT is the absorbed dose (mGy) in tissue T due to radiation R, wR is the weighting factor for radiation R and wT is the weighting factor for tissue T. For x-rays, wR is equal to unity.
sum of dose equivalents imparted to the various tissues and organs of an individual, weighted by a factor specific to each organ or tissue. Expressed in sieverts (Sv)