Definitions for "Take off"
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to begin a leap from a surface or a flight into the air; especially, (of a bird or an airplane) to leave the ground and begin to fly; as, flight CA123 took off on schedule at 3:00 PM.
To begin a period of accelerating growth or development; as, the economy took off in the third quarter.
To remove, as from the surface or outside; to remove from the top of anything; as, to take off a load; to take off one's hat, coat or other article of clothing; to take off a coat of paint from a surface.
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The transition from hullborne operation to foilborne operation.
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To begin a journey; to depart.
To catch a wave and begin the ride. 360 Pronounced "three-sixty". A trick involving turning the board through a full circle on the face of the wave.
catching the wave to begin the ride
the strikers ball goes a fairly long distance, and the croqueted ball barely moves
the launch. a good one has knees, hips and arms all completely extended as the skier's feet cross the end of the kicker
The list of materials necessary to complete a job.
The material necessary to complete a job
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Latest technology hand made epoxy boards. Find out more with our surfboard buyers guide.
The time and method by which a spore enters the atmosphere from a fructification.
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play a solo.
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what you do when overdressed on a hot day
The process of determining the number of pedestals you need for a deck.
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make a subtraction
Keywords:  reproduce, copy
To copy; to reproduce.
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A sharp increase in the price of a stock, or a positive movement of the market as a whole.
Keywords:  withdraw, draw, call
To withdraw; to call or draw away.
Keywords:  start, run
The start of the run.
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To purchase; to take in trade.