Definitions for "Lymphocytosis"
Absolute or relative increase of lymphocytes in the blood.
Abnormal increase in the number of circulating lymphocytes.
Lymphocytosis indicates increased numbers of circulating lymphocytes. Pathologic lymphocytosis occurs in chronic inflammation, recovery from acute infection, lymphocytic leukemia, and hypoadrenocorticism. Lymphocytosis usually indicates a strong immune stimulus of some chronic duration from a bacterial infection, viremia or immune-mediated disease. Lymphocytic leukemia may or may not be accompanied by lymphocytosis. Lymphocytosis not associated with disease occurs with physiologic leukocytosis, in healthy cats from excitement, immature age-related responses in young puppies and kittens, and sometimes following vaccination.
Keywords:  sigh, limf, effusion, sis, excess
(limf-o-sigh-toe-sis) : having an excess of lymphocytes.
Excess of normal lymphocytes in blood or other effusion.