Definitions for "BI-DIRECTIONAL"
Characteristic of a printer, in which print element moves first to the right on one line, then to the left on the following line.
This means that the torque tool can be operated in either a left or right hand direction and still have the clutch click out when torque value is reached.
Reinforcing fibers that are arranged in two directions, usually at right angles to each other.
Microphone pickup pattern whereby sound is absorbed equally from two sides only. (See unidirectional).
motors have equal performance characteristics in CW and CCW rotation.
Refers to communication between an instrument and a computer that allows the computer to send instructions to the instrument and for the instrument to send results back to the computer.
Keywords:  read, written, signal
a signal that can be both read and written to.
Communications between two points where each point both transmits and receives.