Definitions for "Utilitarian"
Of or pertaining to utility; consisting in utility; ?iming at utility as distinguished from beauty, ornament, etc.; sometimes, reproachfully, evincing, or characterized by, a regard for utility of a lower kind, or marked by a sordid spirit; as, utilitarian narrowness; a utilitarian indifference to art.
Of or pertaining to utilitarianism; supporting utilitarianism; as, the utilitarian view of morality; the Utilitarian Society.
Adhering to utilitarianism, a philosophical approach according to which the moral criterion of human action is the personal interest; ethical choices are made on the basis of personal benefits. The utilitarian motto is: the most good for the most people".
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having utility often to the exclusion of values; "plain utilitarian kitchenware"
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adj. Serving or capable of serving a useful purpose; functional, handy, practical, useful.
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One who holds the doctrine of utilitarianism.
usefulness; the quality of being valuable or appropriate to some end
someone who believes that the value of a thing depends on its utility
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having a useful function; "utilitarian steel tables"