Definitions for "Freshmen"
(along with Men and Unzipped, a series of 3 gay-themed publications)
Freshmen is a comic book series published by Top Cow, co-created by Seth Green and Hugh Sterbakov. The publication is marketed as "The adventures of college freshmen with extraordinary powers." Issue #1 was dated June 8, 2005.
Freshmen is an American erotic magazine published monthly by Specialty Publications. Its target audience is homosexual and bisexual men. The magazine contains nude male photography, erotic fiction, video reviews and other adult features.
Students generally in their first year of studies at an institution or those that have earned less than 30 credit hours at the end of the previous semester.
Students who have earned fewer than 25 semester credit hours.
Students who have completed 1-29 semester units are considered freshmen.
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Freshmen is the second album released by New Zealand hip-hop group, Nesian Mystik in 2006.
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