Definitions for "Predication"
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The act of predicating, or of affirming one thing of another; affirmation; assertion.
the attribution of a property to a subject.
pred-uh-KAY-shun\ • noun : an act or instance of predicating
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Without predication, parallelism would be impossible. Instead of waiting for each section of a complex calculation to finish, it is faster if the processor can predict the outcome and proceed on the basis of that prediction. These prediction points are called branches and current processors try to guess which branch to take. If it predicts right, the whole calculation is validated. If it predicts wrong, the string has to be thrown out and the calculation starts over. The Itaniumâ„¢ processor family architecture minimizes wasted calculations not by guessing but by taking both possible paths to the next branch, where it follows both branches again. When it comes to the right result it drops the other branch path that it doesn't need, keeps the branch that it does and it continues on with the calculation. This is truly parallel.
The conditional execution of instructions based on a set of special 1-bit registers called predicates. Most I64 instructions include a predicate number. When the corresponding predicate register is true (1), the instruction is executed. When it is false (0), the instruction is treated as a "no-op."