Definitions for "BlackBoard"
A web-based system created by Blackboard, Inc., which facilitates online education at Marquette. Blackboard enhances communication between faculty and students by permitting the sharing of materials and ideas beyond the context of the traditional group classroom setting.
An online learning system WSU faculty use to deliver all or part of a University course.
Blackboard is a software package used in many of the web-based courses offered by APSU. It is a student-friendly package, easy to use and navigate within.
A broad board painted black, or any black surface on which writing, drawing, or the working of mathematical problems can be done with chalk or crayons. It is much used in schools. In late 20th century similar boards of a green slate as well as some colored white became common; wrioting on the slate bioards may be done with chalk, but writing on the white boards is done with colored pens, such as grease pens, which leaves a trace that can be easily erased. The newer boards, usualy called chalkboards are nevertheless still sometimes referred to as blackboards.
sheet of slate; for writing with chalk
a convenient medium, since you can erase and change what you don't like
Erstellung eines webbasierneden "Schwarzen Brettes" im Rahmen eines berufsschulprojektes.
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see LearnJCU
Vendor providing our transaction system for food service and printing services. The Blackboard Transaction system interfaces with the Wildcard system.
A component of an EXPERT SYSTEM. The blackboard records intermediate hypotheses and decisions ( i.e., plans, agenda, and solution elements) that the expert system manipulates. [] NOTE: An expert system containing a blackboard is sometimes called a BLACKBOARD SYSTEM.
This is the University-branded version of the Blackboard Academic Suite product. For more information, go here.
A suite of enterprise software products and services that power a total "e-Education Infrastructure" for schools, colleges, universities, and other education providers.
an agent-local memory store that supports publish/subscribe semantics
an ideal platform for supporting hot-swap or plug-n-play components
a colorful representation of who you are and your hobbies
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a few meters across, so we want to think about something a few kilometers across
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a particular kind of board which is black, for instance