Definitions for "WebCT"
WebCT is a user-friendly development tool that enables teachers to put class information online without needing complicated webmaster skills. The WebCT environment provides students a secure and safe environment to discuss and explore school related subjects. Similar software package to "Blackboard", which is also used by many schools and colleges for E-learning. SAU 16's E-learning/WebCT page SAU16's Teacher Resources on WebCT
the web-based course management system used at the U of R that provides instructors and students with access to course materials from anywhere at anytime. If you’re a current student, go here to log in WebCT.
An e-learning system to complement classroom instruction. Provides instructors with secure web space and numerous features and functions, including: Threaded discussions, Chat tool, Course-contained email system, Assignment and grade tracking. The eLearning tool (XHLP) is housed in BC’s WebCT