Definitions for "YIZKOR"
Keywords:  kippur, yom, recited, shavuot, sukkot
Memorial prayers recited on the festivals and Yom Kippur.
(lit., "May He remember…"): initial word of Hazkaras Neshamos, memorial prayer for the souls of departed relatives, recited on certain festivals; see Siddur, p. 255
(yeez-KOHR) n. A prayer in a memorial service that asks God to remember the souls of parents and other deceased relatives and friends. It is customarily recited On YOM KIPPUR and at the end Of Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot. From the Hebrew for "May [God] remember." Yahrzeit (YAHR-tzeit) is the anniversary of a death, when it is traditional to light a 24-hour candle.