Definitions for "Genizah"
(storing) a place for storing damaged or worn-out books or ritual objects containing the four-letter Tetragrammaton, the divine name of God. According to halachah, such objects could not be destroyed, but were hidden so that they would not be defiled. When the genizah could hold no more, its contents were buried in a cemetery. The genizah was usually a room attached to the synagogue. The most famous of these is the Cairo Genizah, discovered in 1896 in the attic of the Ezra Synagogue in Fostat (Old Cairo), where most of the lost Hebrew book of Ben Sira was discovered.
A "cemetary" or repository for books, Torah scrolls, and other documents containing the Name(s) of God which are too old or damaged to be used. Documents containing the Name(s) of God are not to be destroyed.
A storehouse for damaged or defective Hebrew writings and ritual articles.