Definitions for "Appliance Service"
The cost incurred in preparing major appliances for safe transportation. Appliances are disconnected at the originating residence and reconnected at the new residence. Covered appliances include washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Certain movers charge a surcharge for this service while others simply charge the amount of time the actual service takes. If a particular mover does not perform this service or contracts with a third party, the field is marked "N/A".
preparation of major electrical appliances to make them safe for shipment.
At the request of the shipper, consignee or owner of the goods the carrier will service (prepare for transportation and then prepare for operation) such articles and appliances at origin and destination. Such service will not include articles secured/attached to the premises, or plumbing, electrical or carpentry service necessary to disconnect, remove, connect and /or install an article or appliance. If the carrier does not possess the qualified personnel to properly provide this service the carrier may, upon request of the customer, arrange for a Third Party to provide this service. Expect to pay an extra fee for each item at each end of the move. Note: The carrier assumes NO LIABILITY for charges of a third party for resynchronization of grandfather clocks, including the pendulum or weights disassembled at origin by the carrier. Likewise, there is NO LIABILITY for retuning, refocusing or other adjustments of television sets or pianos unless such services were made necessary by carrier neglect.