Definitions for "Avodah"
(ah-voh-DAH) n. Work; Labor; also, worship (specifically the sacrificial Temple service as performed by the kohen gadol).
(lit., "service"): formerly, the sacrificial service in the Temple, and later, the service of prayer instituted in its stead
The service of G-d, whether in sacrifice, prayer or self-effacement.
work in the sense of "service" or "mission". To be distinguished from the mote soteriological "'amal" above and "ma'aseh"/"ma'asim" below. Often used when discussing the "mission" or "service" of the Liar (cf. 'avodot-shawo---worthless work; lQpHab, x.11 and ' avodot-tum'ah ---work of pollution; 1QS iv.10) and those breaking off association with him in CD, viii.30, 1QS, vili.22, and ix.8; see also le'ovdam, serving them (i.e., serving idols) in 1QpHab, xii.14.
Ivrit (Hebrew) word, literally meaning "work".