Definitions for "Involvement"
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a young lady named Nancy Bocskor who was active in the Hoch campaign and continued on to prominence in the Republican Party at a national level
Taking part in an activity, being involved in it.
The level of interest, emotion and activity which the consumer is prepared to expend on a particular purchase. p. 112
a compiled statement, in which the CPA does nothing more than take the client's figures and arrange them into the format normally associated with financial statements
an audited statement
a reviewed statement, in which the CPA confirms the mathematical accuracy of the figures given by the client
The type of interaction between an actor and a task, such as information input, output or bi-directional flow. Drawn as an undirected line in the Task Sketch, which is elaborated using single- or bi-directional arrowheads to show information flow in the Task Model.
the importance or degree of personal relevance of a particular product and the related decision process for that product, as perceived by the consumer; see high-involvement decision making and low-involvement decision making.
the perceived risk associated with a purchase or usage decision, measured dichotomously as high (risk attached) or low (no risk attached)
The result of a full commitment to your part and your character.
a fantastic way to show support for the educational process, and the commitment of time and effort will help to encourage your children to strive to achieve their goals, while showing them that they are an important part of the community
The participation in the world of conformity such that little time is left for delinquency. See also attachment; belief; bond; commitment.
Engagement as a participant. For example, seeking the opinions of stakeholders so that they become involved and " buy in" to the process. [D02905] RMW
the act of sharing in the activities of a group; "the teacher tried to increase his students' engagement in class activities"
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an neat angle
a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship
a sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something; "an interest in music"
a connection of inclusion or containment; "he escaped involvement in the accident"; "there was additional involvement of the liver and spleen"
the condition of sharing in common with others (as fellows or partners etc.)
We need your involvement during public meetings and Citizens Advisory Committee meetings. Get involved and make a difference
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a major plus when dealing with issues all chapters face
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a great way to stay connected to your child and his/her school
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a very positive step
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The act of involving, or the state of being involved.