Definitions for "Breeching"
Keywords:  flue, boiler, stack, duct, connectory
The sheet iron casing at the end of boilers to convey the smoke from the flues to the smokestack.
A duct that transports the products of combustion between parts of a steam generating unit or to the stack.
A passageway, usually constructed of sheet metal, to conduct the flue gases from the boiler to the chimney. Frequently referred to as "vent connectory". See VENT CONNECTOR.
A strong rope rove through the cascabel of a cannon and secured to ringbolts in the ship's side, to limit the recoil of the gun when it is discharged.
"Breeching" was the time at which a young boy (age four to seven years old) would be taken out of his child's gown and stays and given his first pair of breeches (adult clothing). Sometimes a party would be given to celebrate the end of his childhood.
the act of dressiong young boys who had been wearing dresses and other skirted garments in breeches or trousers as the men of the day were wearing.
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That part of a harness which passes round the breech of a horse, enabling him to hold back a vehicle.
Keywords:  whipping, act
A whipping on the breech, or the act of whipping on the breech.