Definitions for "pli"
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Prê t Locatif Intermé diaire
Prê ts Locatifs Intermé diaires
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To bend the knees. Also called a flex position. Demi-plie is a half bending of the knees. Grande-plie is a full bending of the knees. (In French, any bend of the body is plie.)
(plee ay) - means bent, bending - of the knee or knees In photo, Center for Dance Education Student Photo by Kim Kenney
A position with the knees bent and the back straight.
(Privacy Leadership Initiative) - a partnership of CEOs from 15 corporations and 9 business associations using research to create a climate of trust that will accelerate acceptance of the Internet and the emerging Information Economy, both online and offline, as a safe and secure marketplace. See
Pruned Log Index. An index based on measurable log parameters that reflects the potential for producing clear grade timber from pruned sawlogs. PLI Pruned Log Quality0 – 1.9 Pruning ineffective 2 – 3.9 Poor4 – 5.9 Satisfactory6 – 7.9 Good8 – 9.9 Very good10+ Excellent
this is a utility library for the Python language. It defines a set of generic patters, aspects, utilities and tools. the main target of this set of tools is to assist in rapid/concise development of software.
Programming Language Interface - µ{¦¡»y
See LIT (Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy).
Paternal Leukocyte Immunization.
poverty line income measure (Malaysia)
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A make-up tube containing powder and a puff brush
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Oracle 7 Data Description
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Public Liability Insurance