Definitions for "Advances"
Advances are transactions that involve disbursing money to be used for ITA business, or returned at a later date.
Funds made available to another party. In the case of a loan, it's the disbursement of funds under a note. In tax parlance it often means something between a formalized loan and equity. For example, a shareholder puts money into a corporation with the intention of being paid back shortly.
Disbursements of loan funds based on appraised value, purchase price, or cost to construct real property.
Funds received for goods or services prior to the delivery of the goods or services. Typically, the funds must be returned if the transaction is canceled or if the recipient of the advance fails to provide the goods or services. See progress payments.
Approved child care services are funded to provide CCB fee reductions for eligible families using their service through monthly payments (advances) with quarterly acquittal.
Payments made by the servicer when the borrower fails to make a payment
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See Receivables. Français: Avances Español: Advances
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invoicing - billing
Money advanced by the beneficiary under a trust deed to pay real estate taxes, hazard insurance premiums, and other items needed to protect the beneficiary's interest under the trust deed.
Money paid before proper time of payment.