Definitions for "Biochemical Oxygen Demand"
A measure of the quantity of dissolved oxygen, in milligrams per liter, required to stabilize the demand for oxygen in a water sample, usually resulting from the process of microorganisms consuming organic matter and utilizing the available dissolved oxygen in the oxidation process. Adding waste to water may cause a high BOD, deplete oxygen, and kill aquatic life.
A measure of the amount of oxygen that is taken up by microbes in the process of breaking down organic matter.
A widely used measure of polluting potential - BOD is a measure of oxygen use, or demand, by bacteria breaking down the biodegradable load in sewage treatment plants or environmental waters. BOD is the basis for deriving the Population Equivalent of a catchment of a sewage works.
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14 22 300.0 EPA 405.1
18 16 11 300.0 EPA 405.1
24 37 43 300.0 405.1
10 2750 300.0 405.1
29 8.5 300.0 405.1