Definitions for "Nitrate"
A salt of nitric acid.
A toxin at the end of the nitrogen cycle in your tank. The Nitrogen Cycle
The final stage of nitrification. Mildly toxic , nitrates are removed with regular water changes or by plants. Ideally kept below 40 ppm.
Comes from natural decay of organic matter and agricultural runoff. Nitrate causes decreased oxygen carrying capacity in infants and some adults. This can lead to methemoglobinemia (blue baby syndrome). High levels of nitrate indicate possible contamination from agriculture and suggest the need for pesticide testing.
A drug whose metabolites produce a relaxation of vascular smooth muscle. This in turn produces a strong dilation of the veins, reducing preload and myocardial oxygen demand.
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The end result of filtration.
the end product of ammonia after being converted by bacteria.
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