Definitions for "Unipolar"
Having, or acting by means of, one pole only.
Having but one pole or process; -- applied to those ganglionic nerve cells which have but one radiating process; -- opposed to multipolar.
Connected to one pole; same as monopolar.
Refers to FET devices where current passes only through one type of semiconductor material (P or N) as it flows from input to output.UNSCH UNSCHeduled Orders for which a confirmed date has not been given to the customer.
a semiconductor that uses only one type of carrier for conduction - either holes or electrons.
Electronics: transistor in which only one of the charge carriers (either the negative or the positive) is involved in the transistor action. Junction transistors and insulated gate field-effect transistors are unipolar transistors.
Using only positive values within its range of operation
Literally meaning one polarity, the fundamental electrical characteristic of internal signals in digital communications equipment. Contrast with bipolar.
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At one end only. ( 17)