Definitions for "Flocking"
An electrostatic spraying process producing a velvety finish on any surface.
Electrostatic depositing of very short fibers on fabric to five a suede, brush or velvet effect.
a method of ornamenting cloth with adhesive printed or coated on a fabric. Finely chopped fibers are applied by dusting, air-blasting or electrostatic attraction. The fibers adhere to the printed areas and it is removed manually from the unprinted areas.
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The phenomenon of bird flocking can be explained by simple rules telling an agent to stay a fixed distance from a neighbour. The apparently intelligent behaviour of a flock navigating an obstacle follows directly from the mindless application of these rules.
A material that looks like lint and comes in several colors, flocking is used to simulate cloth or fabric textures in a model.
Flocking is a common demonstration of emergence and emergent behavior, first simulated in 1986 by Craig Reynolds with his simulation program, Boids. It is a simulation of simple agents which are allowed to move, with basic rules governing their movement. The result is alike to a flock of birds, a school of fish, or a swarm of insects.
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Flux Flux
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A production method which can be used to give toys hair or fur. A full explanation can be found here.
An activity for movement exploration in which dancers move in groups with no set pattern or formation, all doing the same movements simultaneously.
A group activity that changes leaders as directions change.
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Flocking is a type of texture applied to a surface.