Definitions for "Buckets"
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the blades or enclosures formed by blades, around the rim of a water wheel, against which or into the water flows. They called floats or paddles when they are a single flat blade or surface. They generally called elbow buckets or buckets if they are formed from a front plate or blade and a bottom plate or bucket. The back of the bucket or enclosure is created by the soling or drum boards.
In an impulse hydro turbine, the buckets are attached to the turbine near the runner, and used to 'catch' the water. The force of the water hitting the buckets turns the runner, which turns the alternator drive shaft, causing the alternator to generate power. See also: Pelton Turbine, Runner
Rochester FD Protectives volunteer salvage company. This term is used informally when a company requests them to be dispatched.
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It refers to the holdem starting hand 44. A pocket pair of fours.
The hold em starting hand 44. A pocket pair of fours.
arms out straight out infront of your body, fists facing inward, towards each other
The term "buckets" is often used by management science modeling specialists to describe the different rate classes that are used in variable pricing, in the context of a model that is aimed at maximizing revenue across the various buckets. Northwest Airlines uses this term, for example, in its own revenue yield management activities.
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Bullets Burn Button
Refer to categories for securities or derivatives. Some buckets refer to maturity classifications, such as, 3, 6, 12 month buckets. There are many other designations as well. The term can also refer to duration adjusted groups, option adjusted groups, and other predefined categories which represent a dominant, common feature.
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Elevator cans.