Definitions for "OPEN HOUSE"
Marketing tool in which a listing agent opens a house for public viewing
a friendly, informational session which provides prospective foster or adoptive parents with a sense of welcome, appreciation and value
a perfect example of prospecting because you'll be meeting buyers you don't know and hopefully turning them into clients
a favorite because it is festive, easy and casual, a fine way to share holiday spirit with family and friends
a fun, informal way to celebrate the holidays with those friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers you won't actually be spending the big day with
a relaxed and enjoyable way to entertain friends
a fantastic marketing tool
a great opportunity for house hunters to get a free peek inside a house on the market
a great opportunity to feel 'more comfortable' and see if the shoe fits
An event given by a dealer having special activities. aste Porcelain in its raw form before shaping and firing.
Special events to encourage new membership. Come check us out.
an event that is designed to "open" your property up to the general public
a function held at the NASD facilities where interested individuals are invited to participate in networking and discussions about Alternative Dispute Resolution at NASD
a time when any number of individuals or groups stop by without appointment
A low-pressure sales approach used by realtors to advertise a property that is for sale. The realtor invites potential buyers to drop by and see the property without making a formal appointment.
a good way to attract a buyer, but you will also need to know what to do once you have someone interested in buying
a great way to generate interest and meet potential buyers
a key component of your overall marketing plan, which is not only an effective way to attract potential buyers, but also a great way to "showcase" your home
The common real estate practice of showing listed homes to the public during established hours.
An informal public meeting, possibly legally required, with the primary object to disseminate project information to the public and accept public comment. At times they include a formal presentation by the project sponsor. It includes a number of project exhibits, and personal conversation between the sponsor and the public as the primary means of information transfer. Written comments are usually accepted, but unrecorded verbal conversation is the primary form of comment.
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a day set aside for all civilians to come aboard a base, ship or post and see service members performing their job
an informal party of people with hospitality for all comers
Making your home available for inspection (often for a day or a weekend).
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See Viewing
A property open to be viewed by the general public.
A home that is left open for viewing by interested parties.
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a click away at N-P
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Open End Mortgage Oral Contract