Definitions for "Furigana"
A method of using Hiragana or Katakana to phonetically show people how to pronounce a Kanji character. In karaoke, the furigana is placed on top of the Kanji character in question. On the Internet, the furigana is placed in parenthesis after the Kanji character. Example: 去(い), where 去 is pronounced the same way as い. A synonym for furigana is ruby, which is used in English-speaking platforms, such as Microsoft products like Internet Explorer.
Japanese -n. Small hiragana printed next to kanji characters to give their pronunciation, making them easier to read. The Ranma ½ manga have furigana.
"Helper" hiragana (or katakana) printed by kanji to help readers with pronunciation and comprehension. Most commonly used in books aimed at younger audiences.