Definitions for "Postcode"
An alphanumeric code defined by the post office, which can identify properties to a location. Since their introduction postcodes have been used for a number of other purposes including assessing premiums for household insurance.
A minimum five character alphanumeric code used by the post office to identify the postal area, district and sector within the district. Postcodes can be separated into Outcodes and Incodes. These are best explained using a postcode EX4 6DW. Outcode EX4 is the outcode, comprised of the postal area (EX) and the district (4). Incode 6DW is the Incode. (6) represents a district sector, the last characters identify a group of addresses within the sector. Postcodes can represent a maximum of 100 addresses although the average number is 15.
a code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail
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The first one or two letters of the first part of the postcode. e.g. B for Birmingham.
a vital piece of infrastructure for a modern developed economy