Definitions for "Exudate"
Keywords:  oozes, leak, fluid, sweat, adjoining
ex = out + sudare = to sweat.
Fluid that has passed out of blood vessels into adjacent tissues or spaces; high protein content.
drainage, fluid or pus coming from a wound.
Virulence Paediatric Viruses
Neutrophil Ventilation Niacin Virulence
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Perinatal Phagocytosis Yaws
A product of exudation; an exuded substance.
liquid excreted or discharged from diseased tissues, from roots and leaves, or by fungi
A substance deposited in or on a tissue, either by vital action or by disease.
secretion or modified excretory product from exocrine glands
Any liquid or gelatinous or resinous substance flowing from a plant (e.g. from bark slash or glands). Parent Term: Plant_parts Child Terms: Laticiferous Difficulty Level: Show examples
Keywords:  extruded, sap, matter, tree
Matter extruded, like sap from a tree.
Keywords:  droplets, colony, liquid, surface
droplets of liquid on the surface of a colony
To exude.