Definitions for "ibo"
International Baccalaureate Organisation
International Baccalaureate Organization
International Bowhunters Organization. They set other standards such as 6 grains of weight per pound pulled.
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short for IB Objects. Jason Wharton created this commercial third party package from scratch to access IB using the API and so bypassing the BDE. IBO is database centric in the sense it tries to follow a C/S model, relying on native IB capabilities to manage data and transactions.
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ibo is a tool for developing web-based interfaces to relational databases. ibo1 is a translator from an ad hoc language to C, ibo2 is an application server for projects written in the same language as ibo1, ibo3 is a small set of python modules.
People living in southeastern Nigeria since at least the ninth century CE; their language is also known as Ibo or Igbo.
Input Back-Off. The ratio of the signal power measured at the input to a high power amplifier to the input signal power that produces the maximum signal power at the amplifier's output. The input backoff is expressed in decibels as either a positive or negative quantity. It can be applied to a single carrier at the input to the HPA ("carrier IBO"), or to the ensemble of input signals ("total IBO").
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institutional buy out. Where a financial institution acquires a business and installs its chosen management. Slightly different from a bought deal, where an institution negotiates the acquisition of a business with a view to handing it over to an MBO or MBI team. See also financial purchase.
Institutional Buy Out - sale of business to a finance institution.
An institutional buy-out. This is when a private equity house acquires a business directly from the vendor. Often the target's management will take a small stake.
Idaho Branch Office of Pittsburgh Naval Reactors