Definitions for "Fido "
Fido is a Canadian zombie comedy film released in 2006. It was directed by Andrew Currie and written by Robert Chomiak, Andrew Currie, and Dennis Heaton from an original story by Dennis Heaton. It was produced by Lions Gate Films, Anagram Pictures, British Columbia Film Commission and Téléfilm Canada.
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Field Integrated Design & Operations rover. A class of test rovers, currently the highest-fidelity rover prototypes. They include FIDO and Rocky 8 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and K9 at Ames Research Center.
Field Integrated Design and Operations
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Filter Device Object. A filter device object can sit in between the PDO and FDO, or above the FDO. A device stack can have multiple filters. Typically a filter will intercept specific PIRPs and send the rest of the PIRPs down the device stack.
(Or FIDO.) A system for dissipating fog artificially, in which gasoline or other fuel is burned at intervals along an airstrip that is to be cleared of fog. The name was formed from the four initial letters of the project name: Fog Investigation Dispersal Operations. Fido systems were used at many bomber bases in England during World War II, and commercial transports have been brought into fog-covered airports in the United States using similar methods.
Common short name to refer to FidoNet and its workings and behavior. Often personified as a dog that fetches messages for participants, receiving treats or punishment as deemed necessary to get him to behave.
5 selections combined in 10 Doubles and 10 Trebles (10 + 10 = 20 bets).
A "store-and-forward" network based on cheap personal computers. These store messages, usually until night-time, and then dial a neighbouring computer to exchange "what's new". Selected computers dial "hosts" which have full internet connections to exchange messages with the rest of the net.
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A waypoint (not yet identified).
Fido is a library of Java classes that accept natural language commands. The system uses a database of hierarchial objects to determine what actions to take. Currently, Fido accepts English command to control EJBs or Web Services
Fido allows you to automatically download the latest editions of online radio and TV programs and re-encode them to listen to later on your portable media player or PC. The software supports multiple users and does not require any special support from the Web sites that provide the content. It designed to run in the background on a computer with an "always on" Internet connection.
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This refers to when a player's hole cards consist of a King and a Nine. (K - 9)