Definitions for "In-band"
Keywords:  band, peb, sentinel, kbps, robbed
In-band management works through the OS on the managed server (system must be running OS). Requires full agent installation.
Transmission taking place within allocated bandwidth. For example, a video call with total of 384Kbps may allocate 64 Kbps for audio, leaving 320Kbps for video.
Refers to the use of robbed-bit signaling (T-1 systems only) on the network or PEB. "In-band" refers to the fact that the signaling for a particular channel or time slot is carried within the voice samples for that time slot, thus within the 64 kbps (kilobits per second) voice bandwidth.
Keywords:  dtmf, keystrokes, audibly, voice, path
The technique of transmitting controlling information over the same LAN the information is controlling.
Refers to the technique whereby data (usually DTMF keystrokes) is transmitted audibly on the same path as voice.
Audio (voice) path of a telephone line interface.
Refers to the capacity to deliver information through existing network hardware. Synonymous with "on the network."