Definitions for "ABT"
Amateur Bowlers Tour
American Ballet Theatre
American Backgammon Tour – An American association of backgammon clubs and players that makes tournaments and competitions.
Actual Bottom Time. Total elapsed time in minutes from leaving the surface until ascent is initiated.
In front of a year, this means "about". On this web site it is used exclusively for dates of birth derived from a Census. Where a Census record gives someone's age, the date of birth is obviously calculated by subtracting the age from the Census Date. However, some people will round up their age, others will lie !! Latin "circa". On this web site it is used in front of a date which is accurate to within about one year. For example, tombstones often give the precise date of death and the age. If the death was before the birthday, the resulting subtraction would give a year of birth one year later than the actual year of birth. Also, it would not be known if the family "rounded" the age up or down.
actual bottom time/bottom time. The number of minutes that a diver spends underwater on a particular dive, calculated from beginning of descent to beginning of direct ascent to the surface or a safety stop. Used in calculating the repetitive group designation on a dive table.
see Advanced Backplane Technology
Advanced Backplane Technology. Method of making PCs easier and cheaper to upgrade as technology changes. The idea is to put the main components, such as the microprocessor, onto a circuit board which plugs into a backplane bus. This consists of a set of connectors on a circuit board. Unused connectors or slots are available for other boards, such as modems and sound cards. Updating the technology should then simply be a matter of changing the microprocessor board, rather than exchanging the whole system. This is just one of many possible methods of improving upgrade ability. (Introduced by a company called Graphite)
In bioclimatology, an abbreviation for annual biotemperature, a variable used in the Holdridge system. It is defined as the annual mean of monthly mean temperatures, where the monthly means are those above .
Abteilung Department / Section / Detachment / Branch
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Availability Based Tariff
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