Definitions for "Beavers"
Keywords:  doubler, redouble, cube, stake, refuse
Term used in money games and chouettes for an optional rule that players must agree upon before the start of play. A beaver occurs when a player is doubled but believes he is a favourite to win and he may re-double or "beaver" immediately while retaining the doubling cube and the option to re-double again later. As with a normal double, the initial doubler may refuse a beaver or opt to raccoon.
An optional rule whereby a doubled player may demand that the stakes be quadrupled instead of doubled, while retaining possession of the cube. This demand must be made before the doubler has thrown.
This is used in money games and decided and agreed before the game. The meaning of this term is that when a player is doubled and thinks he has the potential of wining he may redouble the stake and retain the cube and the option to double again later in the game.
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Beavers in Scouting is one name for the youngest section of Scouting with members younger than Cub Scouts and sometimes going to as young as 5 years of age. Other names are used in some countries. The program is based on the concept of co-operating and sharing with "sharing, sharing, sharing" being its motto.