Definitions for "Archdeacon"
In England, an ecclesiastical dignitary, next in rank below a bishop, whom he assists, and by whom he is appointed, though with independent authority.
A high Catholic Church official, serving more-or-less as executive secretary to a bishop. (Fine, John V.A. Jr. The Late Medieval Balkans, 621)
A clergy person appointed by the Bishop to provide administrative assistance and other leadership as assigned by the Bishop to congregations and church organizations in the diocese. Archdeacons are referred to as "The Venerable" (The Ven.): The Venerable John Smith. Salutation in letter: "Dear Archdeacon Smith" or "Dear Mr. Smith." The title "Reverend" is not used if Venerable is used. Archdeacons sometimes wear purple instead of black cassocks.
A network which was meant to be established by Frank Pickersgill and John Kenneth Macalister, who were both captured in June 1940 immediately upon arrival in France. The network became an operation run by the Germans. Joseph Placke, an assistant in the wireless section at 84 Avenue Foch, impersonated Pickersgill, and Macalister's captured radio and codes were used to transmit false messages to London, arranging parachute drops of supplies, which of course fell into German hands. The fake operation continued until May 1944 and resulted in the capture of a sabotage instructor and six other agents sent to join the network.