Definitions for "ABF"
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ABC li a href http uk srd yahoo com S D CS SS SIG uorkch http A www abf-online org Asian Bowling Federation
Asian Bond Fund. An initiative of the EMEAP central banks aimed at deepening regional financial markets. The first stage (ABF1) is a fund investing in US dollar sovereign and quasi-sovereign bonds issued in eight of the eleven EMEAP economies (i.e. excludes Australia, Japan and New Zealand). The second stage (ABF2) is currently under development and will invest in domestic sovereign and quasi-sovereign currency bonds in eight EMEAP markets.
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Alpha Building Fund. Alpha Building Fund (ABF) fees are determined by the Philip Spencer Memorial Trust (PSMT) and will be invoiced by the Central Office. For the Fall 2004 school year, the ABF fee will be $42.50 per man. During the Spring 2005, the ABF fee will be $45.00 per man. More information about the ABF
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AB Bioenergy France
Abbreviation for Angola-Benguela Front.
An Adobe binary screen font file contains a binary encoding of a BDF (bitmap distribution format) file. Binary encoding makes the files smaller, but it also makes them less portable and unintelligible to humans. The binary format is described in Adobe's ABF Format Specification [ abffiles]. BDF files are described below.
ARS binding factor
Aquatic Bioaccumulation Factors Data Table; table used by Chemical Properties Processor to determine these factors for a particular simulation.
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Americas Business Forum
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Associated British Foods
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A Better Future for our Children