Definitions for "Sufficiency"
The quality or state of being sufficient, or adequate to the end proposed; adequacy.
Adequate substance or means; competence.
Supply equal to wants; ample stock or fund.
Conceit; self-confidence; self-sufficiency.
refers to evidence of assessment. Sufficient evidence will establish with confidence that all criteria have been met and that performance to the required standard could be repeated with consistency. Back to A-Z menu
sufficient resources to provide comfort and meet obligations; "her father questioned the young suitor's sufficiency"
the quality of being sufficient for the end in view; "he questioned the sufficiency of human intelligence"
In statistics, a statistic is sufficient for the parameter θ, which indexes the distribution family of the data, precisely when the data's conditional probability distribution, given the statistic's value, no longer depends on θ.
Qualification for any purpose; ability; capacity.