Definitions for "D.C"
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abbr. for da capo.
Da Capo :: Repeat from the beginning.
Doctor of Chiropractry; Requires completion of an accredited colleg and board exams and state licensing.
octor of hiropracty - See Chiropractic
Licensed Mortgage Lender/Broker (License No. MLB2074)
Dissipation Constant. The amount of power required to raise to lower the temperature of an electronic component by one Celsius degree. The units are watts or milliwatts/°C.
A current that flows only in one direction in an electric circuit. It may be continuous or discontinuous and it may be constant or varying.
Type of electrical current that flows in one direction.
District Court; District of Columbia
District of Columbia — the United States' capital, Washington D.C., is a district rather than a state
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