Definitions for "HYPER"
Keywords:  prefix, excess, beyond, riffic, uria
Prefix meaning above or excessive: when used with the suffix "-aemia" refers to blood and with the suffix "-uria" refers to urine, for example "hyperbilirubinaemia".
Prefix meaning higher than usual.
A prefix meaning above, beyond or excessive. For examples, hyperextended means bent beyond normal limits. Hyperventilation means excessive breathing.
Hyperglycaemia, hyperglycaemic. High blood sugar Insulatard. A cloudy medium acting insulin made by Novo-Nordisk.
high or fast
Hyper is a multi-platform Australian video game magazine. Australia's longest running gaming magazine, it has been in publication since 1993, and was released the same month as the better known UK magazine Edge.
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Hyper is the name of a modifier bit which a keyboard input character may have. To make a character Hyper, type it while holding down the HYPER key. Such characters are given names that start with Hyper- (usually written for short). See section Hyper.
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a binary relation between two objects
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More than normal.
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Increased. Too much.