Definitions for "Mater"
The outer portion of the front of the astrolabe labeled with Roman numerals. The Roman numerals represent the twenty-four hours of the day. In Medieval times, the mater acted as a "holder" for the latitude plates, which could be removed and replaced.
A thick, round plate on an astrolabe with a shaped projection to take the suspension ring and which houses discs of brass engraved with scales.
part of an astrolabe, see article on the astrolabe.
Mater is a fictional, anthropomorphic tow truck from the Disney/Pixar animated film Cars. He is one of the twelve remaining residents of the town of Radiator Springs. Mater runs Tow Mater Towing and Salvage, one of the town's few businesses.
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See Alma mater, Dura mater, and Pia mater.
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(Latin, "mother.") See Matter, Mother .
informal terms for a mother