Definitions for "Liver biopsy"
A test in which a tiny piece of the liver is removed and examined under a microscope. Doctors usually perform a liver biopsy when hepatitis C is diagnosed. In this way, healthcare specialists can tell if there is liver damage.
a procedure where a tiny sample of the liver is removed so that it can be viewed under microscope. The procedure helps determine what is occurring in the liver and the extent of liver damage.
a test in which a small sample of liver is removed with a special needle. This test allows the physician to examine liver tissue under the microscope and diagnose specific liver disorders without surgery.
a crucial part of the evaluation of a patient with Budd- Chieri syndrome and helps guide management with respect to portal decompression or recommendations for liver transplantation
a test done to evaluate suspected liver problems or abnormal results from liver function tests
a better tool for determining the extent of liver damage
an essential tool in monitoring chronic hep C infection
an essential tool in monitoring hepatitis C
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