Definitions for "Stereotactic Needle Biopsy"
Biopsy done while breast is compressed under mammography. A series of pictures locate the lesion, and a radiologist enters information into a computer. The computer calculates information and positions a needle to remove the finding. A needle is inserted into the lump, and a piece of tissue is removed and sent to the lab for analysis. May be referred to as mammotest or core biopsy.
A method of needle biopsy that is useful in some cases in which calcifications or a mass can be seen on mammogram but cannot be located by touch. Computerized equipment maps the location of the mass and this is used as a guide to place the needle.
A procedure used in the diagnosis of brain tumors. A special frame is used to hold the patients head stationary while the biopsy needle is directed to exactly the right spot. A CT scanner is used to find the correct position. This method has also been applied to very small breast cancers.