Definitions for "Dryer"
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See Drier.
Oven on web offset press through which the web of printed paper passes after it leaves the final printing unit. The drying process, standard when heat-set inks are used, heats the web to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Either gas or electricity dries the vehicles and air blasts drive off the volatile gases.
on a printing press the drying mechanism usually fitted near the delivery, or outfeed. Heat may be in the form of electric elements, lazy-flame gas, ultraviolet or infrared radiation.
an appliance that removes moisture
a major household appliance that is used to remove the residual moisture from clothing or fabrics, generally shortly after being cleaned in a washing machine
Tank that removes moisture and vapors from products by heating and vacuum process.
A device that reduces the water vapour content of the compressed air.
a confined environment in an observable setting
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a device for drying things