Definitions for "Fray"
Keywords:  terrify, frighten, zec, jer, biblical
To frighten; to terrify; to alarm.
Deut 28: 26; Jer 7:33; Zec 1: 21] Biblical use is to terrify or frighten.
Keywords:  fret, rub, friction, shreads, woof
To rub; to wear off, or wear into shreds, by rubbing; to fret, as cloth; as, a deer is said to fray her head.
To wear out or into shreads, or to suffer injury by rubbing, as when the threads of the warp or of the woof wear off so that the cross threads are loose; to ravel; as, the cloth frays badly.
A fret or chafe, as in cloth; a place injured by rubbing.
Keywords:  joss, whedon, melaka, moline, slayer
Fray is an eight-issue comic book limited series about Melaka Fray, a Slayer in the future, written by Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon and drawn by Karl Moline (pencils) and Andy Owens (inks).
Member of a mendicant (begging) order, such as the Franciscans. Could be a priest or lay brother. Should only be used with the man’s full name, not with the surname. (Jesuits were not frays.)
Keywords:  unravel
To unravel
Keywords:  affray, quarrel, angry, broil, contest
An angry quarrel; an affray; contest; combat; broil.
Keywords:  frist, tracer, ray
FRAY - Frist Ray Tracer
Keywords:  untwisted, awning, worn, thin, edge
to become worn, thin or untwisted at the edge of rope, awning, etc.
Keywords:  noisy, fight, small
a noisy fight
a small fight
Keywords:  defray, bear, expense
To bear the expense of; to defray.
Keywords:  fighters, compact, contact, group, base
a compact group of fighters in base to base contact with each other