Definitions for "Emeritus"
Honorably discharged from the performance of public duty on account of age, infirmity, or long and faithful services; -- said of an officer of a college or pastor of a church.
A veteran who has honorably completed his service.
An honourary title sometimes given to one who has retired from office. In the Presbyterian Church it is sometimes used in the terms Minister Emeritus or Elder Emeritus.
Awarded to an MH3 Hasher at the annual D&D. Usually to a long serving member for continued contribution to the cause of the MH3.
A term used to formally designate someone as no longer active, but still entitled to all of the rights and privileges of the position. For example, an ASF member who hasn't attended any membership meetings for a long time is declared emeritus; someone who no longer has time to work on a particular project may declare itself emeritus. Emeritus status indicates interest but not activity, as opposed to having resigned.
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