Definitions for "Perimenopause"
The physiological period preceding the climacteric, during which occurs the regression of ovarian function, up to the menopause, the permanent cessation of the menstrual life. Since in the United States the age of the menopause ranges between 48 and 55 years, perimenopause refers in general to middle-aged women. Also referred to as premenopause.
the period of time before and for a year after the final menstrual period during which ovarian hormonal patterns, experiences and sociocultural roles change. The average age at which irregular cycles develop is approximately age 47. Perimenopause probably begins several years before that in women with regular cycles whose ovaries are making higher amounts of estrogen and tending to make lower amounts of progesterone. Like menopause, this is a normal part of a woman's life cycle.
The time before menopause, beginning two to eight years before the final period.