Definitions for "POF"
Premature Ovarian Failure. The cessation of menses associated with high levels of gonadotropins and low levels of estrogen before age 40. The ovary may intermittantly produce mature follicles. Visit the POF Bulletin Board
Premature Ovarian Failure. Loss or dysfunction of the egg follicle causing a woman to have irregular periods or no periods at all.
Premature ovarian failure. Cessation of menstrual periods due to failure of the ovaries before age 40. Also known as early menopause.
Plastic optical fiber. An optical fiber made of plastic.
An abbreviation for plastic optical fiber. Learn more about POF...
Plastic optical fiber NG Ethernet Forum
Principal Office Trust
Proof of Funds. A document by which the principal's bank states that the principal owns the funds required for the transaction. Usually, proof of funds can also be delivered in the form of a recent bank-, security- or custody statement. A generic document can be found in the "How to contact us" page of this site.