Definitions for "HRT"
Hormone Replacement Therapy. Estrogen in combination with progestin used in the treatment of vasomotor symptoms, prevention of osteoporosis and protection against cardiovascular disease. Often used with patients with intact uterus.
Hormone replacement treatment. Hormones that are given to women after menopause to replace the ones they have lost. The hormones used in HRT may be androgen, estrogen, or progesterone.
Hormone Replacement Therapy. One of many options available to women at perimenopause/menopause.
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Hostage Rescue Team. This is the FBI's elite counter terrorist SWAT unit based out of Quantico, Virginia.
Hostage Rescue Team, an elite FBI unit that responds to terrorist and similar high-risk incidents. HRT is often used to describe any similar sort of team, such as the SEALS, GIGN, etc.
ostage escue eam. Elite FBI SWAT team schooled in hostage rescue techniques as well as standard SWAT operations.
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ormone eplacement herapy.
Harlem Railyards Transportation
hydraulic retention time. the average length of time the liquid influent remains in the digester for treatment
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Hybrid-release translation