Definitions for "Lockout "
Lockout or tagout is the process to isolate electrical power, or other sources of energy, to devices that may cause inadvertent movement of valves or other potentially harmful events.
Denies the attendant the ability to reenter an incoming exchange connection directly terminated or held on his or her position, unless specifically recalled by the station user.
Means for assuring that machines are not turned on while being serviced. A lock is placed on the power switch or control box so that operators and others may not turn on the machine until the lock is removed by the person performing the service. Lockout is considered more reliable than "tagout". See Tagout.
The closing of a factory or workshop by an employer, usually in order to bring the workmen to satisfactory terms by a suspension of wages.
a refusal by an employer to allow employees to report to work designed to force the union to accept the employer's position in a bargaining dispute. aster Contract: a union contract covering several companies in one industry.
a phase of labour dispute in which management refuses work to employees or closes its establishment in order to force a settlement on its terms. Page 147
If allowed, a timeshare unit can be subdivided and used as two smaller units for the purposes of use or exchange. e.g.: a three bedroom unit might be split and deposited as one 2Br unit and one 1Br unit giving the owner two weeks for use or exchange.
A few timeshare resorts have units that are two living units separated from each other by a lockable door, thus the word "Lockout". Since there are really two units, each side can be used separately. One could be used at resort, and the other used for exchange. Or both sides could be used for exchange.The exchange company determines how many weeks of trade are given; typically if both sides have a kitchen, 2 weeks will be given.
A Vacation Property that can be divided into two separate living quarters each with separate entrances. A lockout can be exchanged for two weeks in a smaller unit.
a constructive eviction done by the landlord to lock you out of the rented premises
a crime, and a landlord who refuses to let a tenant back in should certainly be arrested
When a landlord locks a resident out of the apartment with the intent of terminating the tenancy. Lockouts, and all other self-help eviction remedies, are illegal.
The period of time during which prepayment is prohibited.
(1) A prohibition, usually, but not always, for a specified period of time. For example, a prohibition against prepayment of a loan. (2) The period of time before a REMIC investor will begin receiving principal payments.
a prohibition against prepayments
Lockout is a tool for slackers that browse the Web, read the news, and write email all day instead of working. It prevents users from feeling miserable and apathetic and improves productivity by enforcing discipline through a variety of methods, including not allowing you to view Web sites or become root to secretly change things back .
n. any situation in which the normal operation of a lock or cylinder is prevented
Management locks the doors and prevents workers from entering the building.
a period of time that the device shall not allow for an additional breath test attempt to start the vehicle
The action of temporarily revoking network or application access privileges, normally due to repeated unsuccessful logon attempts.
a period of time when children are excluded from coverage, or disenrolled by the administering agency, for an arrearage in premium payments
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a time during the day when the hostel is closed
The period of time before a CMO investor will begin receiving principal payments. (See page 10.)
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The period during which a loan may not be prepaid.
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A set time after which no cargo may be sent to be boarded on a flight.
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an exception to the general rule of R
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see Administrative Lockout.