Definitions for "CCS"
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Casualty Clearing Station COMAIRSOPAC Commander, Air, South Pacific COMZEAIRTAF Commander, New Zealand Air Task Force
See Common Channel Signalling (CCS).
Common Channel Signalling. Signalling bits are transmitted out-of-band, in a separate channel from the digitized voice. Typically a number of voice channels have their signalling combined together into a single signalling channel.
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Cold Cranking Simulator
Cold Crank Simulator
The acronym for the Combined Chiefs of Staff of the United States and Great Britain.
Combined Chiefs of Staff (Allies)
Combined Chiefs of Staff (US/UK)
Civil Contingencies Secretariat. The Cabinet Office Secretariat which provides the central focus for the cross-departmental and cross-agency commitment, co-ordination and co-operation that will enable the UK to deal effectively with disruptive challenges and crises.
Cabinet Committee on Security
Conference Committee Substitute. Bill drafted by the Conference Committee.
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Childcare Subsidy
Center for Chinese Studies
China Classification Society. Chinese ship classification society.
China Classification Society, China
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage
CO2 capture and storage (strictly it includes possible ocean storage of CO2 but otherwise synonymous with geo-sequestration or underground storage).
Cryptographic Checksum. Cryptographic checksum of data, which registers any manipulation of data during storage.
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Coast Clutch Solenoid
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Cluster CoNTroller System. Name of the scheduling system developed at CTC and licensed to MPI Software Technology. It is the batch system used at CTC.
Color Calibration System (file name extension)
abbreviation of the title CardCaptor Sakura
Abbreviation for co-cumulative spectrum.
Certified Coding Specialist for experienced coders working in a hospital setting. Offered by AHIMA.
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TM Comfort Cushioning System A unique combination of a cushioning capsule and ASICSĀ® GELĀ® which provides increased shock absorption.
Considerate Constructors Scheme
Commonhold Community Statement. this formally sets out the rights and duties of the commonhold association together with those of the individual unit-holders. Its form is substantially prescribed by the Commonhold Regulations 2004.
Centa Call Seconds. A measure of equipment or circuit utilization. One centa call second is 100 seconds of utilization.
Hundred second calls or the total amount of traffic in seconds divided by 100.
Consolidated Census Subdivision
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Command and Control South
Ref. Command and Control System
Centralized Computing Services
See Central Certificate Service.
CENTRAL CERTIFICATE SERVICE. Former name of the Depository Trust Company.
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Customer Contact Strategy