Definitions for "Image enhancement"
Any one of a group of operations that improve the detectability of the targets or categories, such as contrast improvement, edge enhancement, spatial filtering, noise suppression, image smoothing, and image sharpening.
Any one of a group of operations which improves the interpretability of an image or the detectability of targets or categories in the image. These operations include contrast enhancement, edge enhancement, spatial filtering, image smoothing, and image sharpening.
Modification of the pixels of an image to improve its appearance. Common enhancement methods are smoothing, sharpening, histogram modification, and filtering.
A software or hardware algorithm correcting a variety of issues encountered as a result of the scanning process. Typical features include: Deskew, Despeckle, Black Border Removal, Shading Removal, Line Removal.
Techniques used to emphasize the tonal and textural differences in images.
Techniques for increasing apparent sharpness without increasing actual resolution.
Techniques used to modify an image to present an observer with more readily accessible information.