Definitions for "Garnishee"
Keywords:  writ, debtor, wages, custody, belong
One who is garnished; a person upon whom garnishment has been served in a suit by a creditor against a debtor, such person holding property belonging to the debtor, or owing him money.
Employer, bank, insurance company or other party upon whom a judgment creditor places a Writ of Garnishment, because that entity holds assets due the original debtor. For example, if a non-custodial parent (non-custodial parent) does not pay court-ordered child support, the custodial parent may garnish the wages of the non-custodial parent, and receive payments directly from the non-custodial parent's employer, who is the garnishee.
A person or entity having possession of money or property belonging to a defendant, who is served with a writ of attachment or execution.
Keywords:  divert, whole, wholly, partly, someone
to legally divert someone's money or property to someone else, either wholly or partly.
The legally divert part or whole of someone's money or property to someone else, eg: for Child Support Payment.
To legally divert a part or whole of someone's money or property to someone else.
Keywords:  summons, warn, firm, person, served
To make (a person) a garnishee; to warn by garnishment; to garnish.
a person, firm, association, or corporation to which such a summons as specified by G
A person upon who a garnishment is served.
Keywords:  sought, trustee, attach, fund, secured
To attach (the fund or property sought to be secured by garnishment); to trustee.
Keywords:  salary, owe, something, debt, legal
A legal term that means to take away something you own--such as property or part of your salary--and use it to pay the debt you owe.
Keywords:  possession, subject, one
One who is in possession of that which is subject to garnishment.