Definitions for "Trunking"
A protective channel made of extruded PVC-U to contain pipes or cables
An extruded PVC-U channel used to contain and protect pipes or cables.
Transporting signals from one point (an antenna site for instance) to another point (such as a headend), usually without serving customers directly. Trunking can be accomplished using coaxial cable, fiber optics or microwave radio.
Bundling of several lines in parallel to form one common connection. Benefits of this are the higher achievable data rate (as a sum of all data rates of the respective lines) and the better robustness: if one line fails, the throughput will decrease by the data rate of the failed line, but the connection as a whole will still remain stable.
Spectrum-efficient technology that establishes a queue to handle demand for voice or data channels.
Trunking means that several connections in a network may be established simultaneously, and that setup of connections proceeds automatically using the channels available at the time in question. In this way many users may share a few connections, and if the number of connections is increased, the capacity of the network is increased more than proportionally. This means that an optimal trunking effect is obtained in very large networks.
A method of sharing a small number of communication paths among a large number of users.
Link Aggregation. Optimizes port usage by linking a group of ports together to form a single trunk (aggregated groups).
Two or more ports grouped together as one logical path to increase bandwidth between a switch and a network node when a single path cannot handle the traffic. Loops are avoided because specific paths are designated. Often a single link is designated for flooding broadcasts and packets of unknown destination. Trunks can provide redundancy to critical devices. See a tutorial on Trunking redundancy
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System of air ducts eg. in mist-blower.
Long-distance movement of freight
Movement of containers between terminal and carrier's inland facilities.
Trunking is the act of riding in an automobile in the trunk rather than in designated passenger positions.
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See 802.3ad.